Astronomy, A Self-Teaching Guide 8th Edition

Available as either a paperback or a full-color e-book

Astronomy, A Self-Teaching Guide 8th Edition

Discover the wonders of the night sky with this best-selling astronomy guide!

For a generation, Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to the night skye. Now this classic beginner's guide has been completely revised to bring it up to date with the latest discoveries.

Updated with the latest and most accurate information and many new graphic and photos, this Eighth Edition features:

-Website addresses throughout for the best color images and astronomy resources online
-Technical ideas made simple without mathematics
-Beautiful full-color, glossy insert with spectacular images
-An interactive format with learning goals, reviews, self-tests, and answers for fast learning
-Five beginners' Star and Moon maps for fun stargazing

Praise for previous edition:

"One of the best way by which one can be introduced to the wonders of astronomy."
—The Strolling Astronomer

"Excellent...provides stimulating reading and actively involves the reader in astronomy."
—The Reflector

"The information is kept short and clear, and is easy to understand even for those without a strong math background"
—CAP Journal, International Astronomical Union

Astronomy: A Self Teaching Guide has also been published in Arabic, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian!