Highlights of her academic career are archived at Harvard University - Schlesinger Library on the History of Women

Professor: Physics & Astronomy City University of NY. Photo © Neil Schneider

Distinguished author of over 24 books and many articles. Dr. Moché appears on TV and radio and in person throughout the U.S. She was invited to the White House for the President’s conference on America’s Future in Space.

*Her books – over 10 million copies sold worldwide in 7 languages!

*Her research notes, original manuscripts, galleys and page proofs, dummies, publishing correspondence and fan mail are archived at the University of Southern Mississippi, de Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection, McCain Library

*Recipient of Outstanding Science Books for Children awards

*ASTRONOMY, Self-Teaching Guide: Selection of the Astronomy Book Club. More than 125,000 copies sold

*White Plains (NY) High School Hall of Fame

• National Science Foundation Faculty Fellow
• Recipient of many fellowships, grants & honors
• BA, Harvard - Magna Cum Laude & PhD, Columbia University
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Midnight Sun in Antarctica

Auroras at Lake Louise, Canada