School Visits

Your school will get a program fitted to your ideas and budget. Program content is customized to match your curriculum.

Kids and staff eagerly attend Dr. Dinah Moché’s elementary school programs.
Dr. Dinah Moché has inspired millions of kids.

CHOOSE the format - interactive assemblies or workshops or a combination of both:

--KIDS imagine flying on amazing space missions past, present & future.
--KIDS see what’s up there, astronauts & robots working in space, & how it feels to be weightless. Illustrated with spectacular color photos.

-STAFF gets plenty of follow-up material: Dr. Moché’s Astronomy, Self-Teaching Guide 8th Edition (packed with online resources for new lessons) & a motivating career booklet.

-School FUNDRAISERS get Dr. Moché’s best sellers at a big discount.

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KIDS examine model spacecraft, real space foods, & suit swatches.

KIDS find out how to write exciting, readable nonfiction books.